Twit2tel – Who’s Your Favorite Celeb?…Well How are They Supposed to Know?

March 2, 2010 is launching its first voicemail campaign of 2010.  We’re trying to find out who the most popular hollywood celebrity is.  We’ll measure popularity by the number of voice messages the celebrities receives in their Twit2tel voicemail.  Twit2tel will be updated periodically to show the leaders, i.e. celebs who receive the most vmails. So if you like a celebrity why not tell them in your own words and your own voice?  Send them a voicemail through  We have a list of verified Twitter accounts for celebrities on the site. 

To leave a voicemail, you’ll need to login using your Twitter account info.  Link a number to your username, and start making calls through your Twitter feed.  Hey, after you send a voice message to a celeb, why not send one to a follower or friend, too?  If both of you have Twit2tel accounts you can use take advantage of our free unlimited user-to-user  4 minute calls. 

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March 1, 2010

Hey Guys and Gals,

Whelp, is up and running and we’re looking to expand to different countries.  At our launch, only US to US calls were allowed.  However, as of 12:00 noon today, we have opened our Twitter voicemail and call features to Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Australia, China, and India.  More countries are coming soon.  As you may or may not know, provided every Twitter user with their own voicemail account link to their username.  Now, any user can access their voicemail by signing into Twit2Tel using their Twitter username.  Our expansion has now allowed Twit2Tel users the ability to leave voicemails for followers and friends in  countries not their own.  Twit2Tel’s user-to-user 4minute call feature is also available to these users.  A Twit2Tel user in the UK can now speak freely to a US follower for 4 minutes through our network. 

All phone numbers are kept private and secure.  No user will be given access to a number that is not their own.  All you need to know to contact a follower or other user is their Twitter username.  We will never give out phone numbers, so don’t ask.  Twit2Tel will never betray the trust of its users.

So start sending your out-of- country followers some voicemails. Let them know that Twit2Tel is working to create an awesome experience for them. 

Warren – @Twit2tel_warren

Hello world! Twit2Tel is Here!

February 27, 2010

As of 9:00am est launched and gave every Twitter user their own individual “Twitter” voicemail.  Now, any Twitter user can send a voice message to thier favorite celebrity, athlete, or followers without knowing or exchanging phone number.  Twit2Tel links the Twitter username to the voicemail account, so all one has to do to access their voicemail is sign in to Twit2tel.   Twit2Tel also has a call feature that allows for free user-to-user calls for 4 minutes.  To call and talk or to leave a voicemail, users link their phone number to their Twitter username.   To contact anyone on Twitter through all you have to do is Sign up through your Twitter account, link your number, and “tweet”  @Twit2Tel call .  If the user you are calling is available (and wants to take your call) we will connect you and you can talk for 4 minutes.  If the user you’re calling is not available you can leave them a voice message.    

So what does this mean for you, the everyday Twitter user? This means a more intimate connection with your followers, enhancing your Twitter experience.  Call and leave an encouraging message for a follower instead of just “tweeting” it.  Tell your favorite celebrity what you thought of their last song or movie or Twitpic.  The door is open, but you control who enters.  You can express yourself that much better to people, and they in turn can better express themselves to you.  You can block usernames that you don’t want bothering you.  Oh yeah, it also all free.  All you have to do is listen to a quick 15 second ad before your connected.  Call as many times as you like through Twit2tel there’s no limit.  We want this site to work and grow, so we’re adamant about keeping your number private.  Try it out.  Remember no phone numbers just usernames are needed.  Heck call me, @twit2tel call twit2tel_warren.

Warren Davis